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Top 5 video calling Apps – Facetime App Alternatives

Technological advancements have made everything possible today. Regardless of your geographical locations, you can stay tuned and closure to your family and friends from anywhere across the globe with video calling apps, especially if you are using Smartphone. Most of the Smart Phones today come with front-facing cameras like laptops which allow the users to enjoy video calling. But, to…read more →

How to Fix Cydia Impactor Error – Cydia Tutorial

Since it’s an easy and basic procedure to Cydia download. When the jailbreaking procedure is finished, you get Cydia automatically except on iOS 11 firmware atmosphere. If you are a newcomer to jailbreaking there is not any complicated process to Cydia installer iOS 10.3.2. Because it’s a very simple, safe and dependable approach. Because it’s a very simple and easy…read more →

ShowBox | Best Free Movie Streaming App for Android

ShowBox is the video streaming application designed for android operating system. It is designed for android powered mobile devices. So, if you are a movie buff and have android powered device then you can download this free video streaming application and satisfy your entertainment needs for free. ShowBox App has been designed to offer exceptional streaming experience. It comprises the…read more →

How to setup Chromecast For Mac and on your TV

Integration, the way forward for technology and humans is integration. One is able to make the most of their present situation with the help of technology. From an evening’s boredom to a daily day at the job, you get to do so much more once you take the help of technology. In this article, we clearly explain Setup Chromecast for Mac…read more →

Tenants Awarded 50K in Attorney’s Fees in Dispute with Landlord!

Tenants Awarded Fees in Dispute With Landlord Brendan Pierson New York Law Journal 2013-11-22 00:00:00.0 Manhattan Civil Court Housing Part Judge Arlene Hahn (See Profile) recently awarded more than $49,000 in legal fees to tenants who prevailed in a rent dispute with their landlord. The award included “fees on fees” and attorney fees on appellate motions the tenants lost. The…read more →

Landlord Lawyers Slammed After Suing Tenant for Rent Not Owed

James Fishman, assisted by Jennifer Addonizio Rozen and associate Susan Crumiller recently won a significant victory on behalf of New York City tenants in Lee v. Kucker & Bruh (“K&B”) that should have a major impact on the way landlords bring non-payment eviction cases in the Housing Court. Our client, Raymond Lee, is an elderly rent controlled tenant who lived…read more →

New York Law Journal: Debt Collecting Firm Is Found Liable for ‘Benign’ Error

By John Caher A debt collecting law firm that “blindly” relied on a client’s records and mistakenly went after an 82-year-old tenant is liable for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act damages even though the slip-up was “benign” and it backed off immediately after learning of the error, a Southern District judge has held. Judge Lorna Schofield stressed that the Fair Debt…read more →