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James Fishman Interviewed for Credit Reporting Inaccuracy Story

“We asked a credit attorney with 37 years of experience what Alexis should do. Not surprisingly, James B. Fishman said she should file suit. But it’s not a self-serving statement. Fishman points out that a lawsuit gets the serious attention of credit agencies.

“One thing I have almost always seen is that simply by filing the lawsuit the problem gets fixed…They want to solve it oat the outset so it doesn’t get worse now that they’re in court.”

Fishman points out that someone with this kind of problem should notify the three major credit reporting agencies. Point out all the differences they’re ignoring. And send proof. It’s their duty under federal law to notify the individual creditors. But you can cover yourself by sending supporting documents to them, as well.”

Watch the video and read the full article, here.

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