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Non-Renewal of Leases – New York City

Unless there is a specific claimed exception (such as breach of lease, non-primary residence, or owner use) a landlord is required to offer a renewal lease to a rent-stabilized tenant 90-150 days before the tenant’s lease expires.  A rent stabilized tenant is entitled to a renewal lease which includes the same terms and conditions as the original lease.  For example, a new landlord cannot ask you to provide your social security number along with a renewal lease form.

A tenant whose landlord has refused to provide a renewal lease can file a complaint with the DHCR or can commence a court action against the landlord.

See DHCR Fact Sheet #4 for more information.

If you have questions about a renewal lease you’ve been offered, or if you need assistance because a landlord has refused to renew your lease, please contact our office.